To Hull and back

To Hull and back

I am currently working in Hull, as Digital Video Producer on a four-person team set up specifically to cover the events taking place as part of the City of Culture year.

It’s very exciting to be at the centre of what is an unprecedented move by the BBC to significantly focus its content around Hull this year. If we get it right, we’ll be setting the standard for how the BBC can come alongside future Cities of Culture and similar events.

My job specifically is to celebrate what’s happening in video form. This usually involves attending events with Kofi Smiles – a brand new presenter who comes from Hull and was specifically selected for this – and trying to give our viewers a taste of what’s happening. I do the filming and editing, and direct Kofi to make sure we’re getting the best results possible.

One of the key challenges is that we’re not just digital or just TV. In fact, on a regular basis we’re creating content for social media, our City of Culture website, local TV news, a longform programme on the national BBC News Channel, and radio. And yes, I do mean at the same time. I don’t think there are many other teams of this size, in the BBC or elsewhere, who are working across such a diverse range of platforms. If you want to know more about how that works, feel free to buy me a pint some time!

Most of my work in Hull can be found on the BBC’s City of Culture website.

The BBC's webpage for Hull 2017 UK City of Culture
All City of Culture-related content by my team (and the rest of the BBC) is being collected on this designated page, part of BBC Arts.